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Support Services

Performance laboratories offer their lab services to a variety of clients that include occupational health facilities, pain management clinics, treatment centers, OB/GYN and primary care offices.

They also offer their services to any other entity that takes specimens for purposes of drug screenings. They then proceed to give the most accurate, reliable and fastest results.
It generally carries its tests on urine samples as this is the most accurate and effective way of testing drugs presence in a person.

Collection Services

Specimen integrity is a key component of a reliable and accurate drug screen. The test is only as good as the specimen. Performing collections at your place of business or job site offers many benefits including simplified logistics and the convenience of not having to coordinate the collection process. We can provide quality trained professionals to work in-house up to seven days a week collecting urine specimens in offices with high volumes. Through Performance Laboratories we make it easier for your patients to provide urine specimens for testing.

Receiving Results

Performance Laboratories includes a secure web portal that is available 24/7 to clients to track status of reports and receive a final reported drug test result. Our online portal saves time, decreases paperwork, consolidates billing and simplifies your drug testing program. An account is made individually for each client with a protected login and password. Hard copies of results can also be directly faxed to offices if preferred.

Performance Laboratories

What Makes Us Different

Quality Assurance

Our methods use state of the art testing combined with a no compromise quality assurance and a clearly defined compliance program.

Faster Results

We utilize high performance work flows, managing both speed and precision, to deliver our clients the fastest results possible.

Accuracy Matters

Physicians rely on our lab to provide the most accurate information when managing their patients' treatment. We've built a reputation you can trust.

High Complexity Lab

We perform both urine and oral fluid testing, along with on-site testing and support. Our services are available to physicians, businesses, and individuals.

On-site Services

We provide economical and accurate on-site/point of collection analysis for drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs, and employment drug screening.

Web Portal Access

Our web portal functions as the primary interface between your office and our laboratory. This offers our physicians 24/7 access to results.
At Performance Laboratories our goal is to produce fast, precise results for our physicians, businesses, & individuals.
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