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Oral Fluid Testing

Are you looking for a convenient, non-invasive and accurate alternative to urine drug screening? Do you want quicker turnaround times and prompt results? Oral fluid testing from Performance laboratories offers the perfect solution, especially when you suspect recent exposure. 

Drug abuse has reached epidemic proportion in the United States. 
Recent statistics confirm these fears and reveal that about 22.6 million Americans over the age of 12 have used an illicit drug or have taken prescription medications excessively and inappropriately. There were 40,000 deaths due to drug overdose in 2012.The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the amount of synthetic opiates prescribed in 2011 was equivalent to providing every adult in the country with 5 mg of Hydrocodone every four hours. Almost 70 percent of drug users are employed and account for 65 percent of all work-related accidents.

The Process

Once the patient submits a saliva sample, most toxicology laboratories rely on enzyme immunoassays for initial screening. This technique can screen for the presence of a variety of drugs including opioids, benzodiazepines, synthetic analgesics, barbiturates, amphetamines and illicit drugs among other things. If the sample is negative, the results can reported within 24 hours. However, if a saliva sample is positive for any of the above mentioned substances, a confirmatory test is performed. The remaining portion of the saliva sample is analyzed using gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry or liquid chromatography. Mass spectrometry measures the mass-to-charge ratio and is highly accurate and precise. Liquid chromatography allows for the quantification of the drug metabolites and is known for speed and sensitivity. The results of these tests are usually available within 72 hours.

Performance Laboratories

Choosing the right toxicology laboratory can make a big difference. Performance laboratories - Toxicology laboratory is an Oklahoma city based independent testing agency that caters to the drug testing needs of employees, healthcare professionals, and other agencies interested in therapeutic drug abuse monitoring, employment drug screening, and occupational health testing. The company focuses on helping its clients save time, money and effort. They specialize in accurate on-site collection and testing.

The Performance laboratories facility is equipped with state-of the-art technology. Every technician is experienced and qualified to complete the testing with precision. They understand the nuances that exist between urine and saliva and handle the samples accordingly. Each individual sample gets the focus it deserves. The goal is to provide the most accurate results within the stipulated time and at an economical price. The company's staff has the expertise and the experience to handle every type of sample.

Performance laboratories is looking to increase its services and make oral fluid testing accessible to more employers and physicians in the near future

Performance Laboratories

What Makes Us Different

Quality Assurance

Our methods use state of the art testing combined with a no compromise quality assurance and a clearly defined compliance program.

Faster Results

We utilize high performance work flows, managing both speed and precision, to deliver our clients the fastest results possible.

Accuracy Matters

Physicians rely on our lab to provide the most accurate information when managing their patients' treatment. We've built a reputation you can trust.

High Complexity Lab

We perform both urine and oral fluid testing, along with on-site testing and support. Our services are available to physicians, businesses, and individuals.

On-site Services

We provide economical and accurate on-site/point of collection analysis for drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs, and employment drug screening.

Web Portal Access

Our web portal functions as the primary interface between your office and our laboratory. This offers our physicians 24/7 access to results.
At Performance Laboratories our goal is to produce fast, precise results for our physicians, businesses, & individuals.
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