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Medication Monitoring

Performance Laboratories is an independent facility that serves the interests of businesses, medical clinics, occupational health centers, and a variety of other organizations. 

Any business or firm that needs to screen the chemicals in the bodies of the people in whom they are invested will find that Performance Laboratories offers comprehensive, effective, thorough, and convenient analysis, monitoring, and support.
There are many roles for a toxicology lab such as Performance Laboratories in the medical field as well. General practitioners often require such testing to help diagnose patients and to monitor how a prescription drug is functioning in an individual’s system. Pain treatment centers, which may deal with a great host of medications on an experimental basis, must monitor how these drugs are interacting within their patients’ systems; rather than leave such experimentation to trial and error, they can more efficiently determine this through medication monitoring.

For one thing, it is relatively low-cost; the equipment and technology for carrying out the analysis are not expensive. Further, supplying a urine sample is much less invasive for the patient than having to endure the drawing of blood, for example; the quantity of the sample is also rarely a problem when urine is involved. And the accuracy of urine samples is high. Chemicals found in urine tend to be more highly concentrated and more stable than those in blood or saliva samples, and can be analyzed with less effort because urine does not regularly contain protein or cellular bodies. A number of drugs remain in the urine for a relatively long time, some up to sixty days. Add to these advantages the fact that urine samples can easily be stored through refrigeration or freezing, and remain valid for a longer time.

Whether monitoring medications or testing for evidence of drug abuse, Performance Laboratories displays a high level of professionalism and responsibility towards their clients. Their staff utilizes state-of-the-art methods to insure that all toxicological procedures are thorough and complete.

Performance Laboratories has instituted a number of socially responsible programs, aimed at minimizing the dangers of serious drug interactions for patients, assisting medical and other professionals treating drug and substance abuse, and eliminating the pain and expense of unnecessary medical interventions. By establishing a connection of trust and confidence in working with Performance Laboratories, medical professionals, business people, and workers in the fields of public and occupational health can be confident that they are receiving the most accurate, responsible, and economically viable service possible.

Performance Laboratories

What Makes Us Different

Quality Assurance

Our methods use state of the art testing combined with a no compromise quality assurance and a clearly defined compliance program.

Faster Results

We utilize high performance work flows, managing both speed and precision, to deliver our clients the fastest results possible.

Accuracy Matters

Physicians rely on our lab to provide the most accurate information when managing their patients' treatment. We've built a reputation you can trust.

High Complexity Lab

We perform both urine and oral fluid testing, along with on-site testing and support. Our services are available to physicians, businesses, and individuals.

On-site Services

We provide economical and accurate on-site/point of collection analysis for drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs, and employment drug screening.

Web Portal Access

Our web portal functions as the primary interface between your office and our laboratory. This offers our physicians 24/7 access to results.
At Performance Laboratories our goal is to produce fast, precise results for our physicians, businesses, & individuals.
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